Sweet dreams are made of what may come…


Dreams, huh?  We all get that there are messages and clues behind those wild, crazy stories that gallop around wantonly at nighttime.  Sometimes they make sense and sometimes they’re just way out there loony style.  Some of us remember and some of us have a more difficult time grasping the wispy remnants, like a fragment of a memory from childhood.  Some of us have lucid dreams, meaning we are aware that we are dreaming.  I’m fortunate to remember many of mine and I do have lucid dreams, to the point where I can rewind and change scenes or outcomes.  I think that’s pretty cool, and would be made cooler still if Johnny Depp would enter at some point.

But anyhoo…last night’s dream was not the rewind kind but still very vivid and loaded with suggestions and solutions.

Essentially, there were two parts.  The first part involved me driving in a thick snowstorm, which was so thick that I couldn’t see in front of me.  At one point, I braked hard and the car I was driving did a vehicle version of a forward roll.  I remember the car being vertical, me perched at the wheel, parallel to the road before it tipped over twice and eventually righted itself.  I got out, unshaken or stirred and walked over to another car that was upside down.  With one arm I grabbed one of the back wheels, picked it up and turned it right side up.

After that scene I switched to another, very different one.  This happens a lot, with many scenes having no relation or bearing on the previous or the next.  I walked into an office that had the feeling of being the place I worked, except it was full of people I didn’t know, milling around, being sociable.  I approached a man who was unfamiliar and inquired after my colleagues.  I don’t remember the dialog; I had the sense that they had all gone and that I was being given another post, half-heartedly, as if the current clan didn’t really care whether I stayed or went.  So I left, shruggedly and whatevery.

We all are aware that the thoughts we focus upon during our physical reality could become fodder for our dreams.  What’s more important though, are the thoughts that lurk in the background, those frets, fears, frustrations and ideas that never really come to the forefront.  They are the meat and potatoes of our dreamscape reality.  And, our dreams aren’t simply a metaphor for our daily lives.  Again, choirs and preaching notwithstanding, we know that what we dream about can offer solutions and help point us in a certain direction.  But, I have concluded that the cookie is not just in the crumble, it’s also in how you feel during your dream.

For example, after last night’s amazing feat of strength and the whole driving through the blinding snowstorm thing, I proudly came to the conclusion that I do indeed have the inner strength to cope with any obstacle.  Thought it was obvious, figured I got that pegged.  Until I approached my dream app (which isn’t one of those whimsical, fairytale, point out the obvious side of things apps…in fact it’s pretty Freudian with its explanations).  There, I read the exact opposite…that my show of strength symbolized the fact that my ambition outstripped my ability and that I needed to adjust my goals thusly.  Also, the snow allegedly represented the appearance of illness and unsatisfactory enterprises.  Worse, to find myself in a snowstorm denoted sorrow and disappointment. And, worse still, to see large white snowflakes falling while looking through a window (does a windshield count?) foretold of an ‘angry interview’ with my sweetheart (which was sort of true this morning).  So, what about driving?  Well, in the dream, my driving was hampered by all the snow and apparently, if you cannot see ahead, it is an indicator that you do not know where you are headed or what you want to do with yourself.

Indignant, was I!  Nay, as Frasier once exclaimed – “I am wounded!”

I raised an eyebrow and pondered, drummed my fingers and listened to Esther Hicks discuss dreams.  I decided to step away from the literal and think about the thing as a whole.  I remember lifting up that car with one arm was no big deal, as if it were something I did every day, like changing a diaper – a roll of the eyes, a flick of the hand and bip, bam, boom, Bob’s yer Uncle!  Where did my ambition and ability fit into that?  I mean, I have ambitions to act and write and I think my ability is on par with those dreams, although the writing part could use a poke in the arse.  So, I think I’ll stick with my hypothesis that I can nurture my inner moxy and trust it to slap the crap out of any shitstorm that comes my way.

As for the office thing…hmm…well, leaving something behind perhaps and being ok with it?

What about the dream a couple of months ago where I narrowly escaped being hit by a train that had derailed and was hurtling through the air toward me with the words echoing in my head “That was close!?”

Or the one where I was walking with my husband someplace like this (Ilfracombe high street, just fyi)…


…I was naked but he had his undies on.  At first, I wanted to cover up but found my courage and walked strong and proud.  That one was fairly obvious, right?  I figured it meant that I had discovered a new sense of honesty, openness and a carefree nature.  However, that little dream app gave me the old Z fingersnap and said “Nuh uh…honey” and went on to say that it meant I was afraid to be seen for who I really was.  *insert raspberry*

Again, I go with the feeling of being happy and chin-up with that one.

Mind you, later on in that series of disjointed scenes, I surfed with no surfboard on water-logged grass.  NO idea what that meant.

Of course, other dreams really are quite obvious in their message.  Especially if they involve someone you know, like exes.  Those are always fun, especially when it’s so close to the event.

Recurring dreams?  I still remember one I had from childhood about an alligator that would come up out of the drain in the road, inside out.  Now, there’s an eyebrow raiser.

So, in conclusion, our dreamscape reality is essential to the wellbeing of our physical reality and vice versa.  They work in tandem and even if you wake up with the shadows of your sleeping thoughts laughing and running away from you as you reach out for them, just remember that their seeds have been planted and they are there for you to reap should you need them.  All you have to do is ask for them and they will be given.  Just keep an open mind.

Sleep well…



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