Friday Fictioneers – A Fresh Start

Source - Kent Bonham

Source – Kent Bonham

Word Count: 100

A Fresh Start

“I don’t like it.” His wife looked up from her guide map and sneered uncertainly at the building. “It’s too…bumpy.”

Kenneth closed his eyes and dropped his arms to his sides, felt the effort seep away.

“Miriam, I’ve had it.”

She turned to face him, the waddle of her chin flapped with the snap.

“What do you mean?” She tutted and eyed the building again, “Oh, are you having another one of your tantrums?”

Kenneth could smell the blossoms further down; could see the beauty all around and knew he’d be just fine.


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – A Fresh Start

  1. ‘too bumpy’ – brilliant! You really manage to capture the mood here – I love the description of him, arms by his sides etc. Really nice writing.

  2. “Let the effort seep away” really epitomized it for me. He just couldn’t do it any more. You did very well for your first start and I’m sure there will be more good ones in the future.


    • I imagined he would simply walk away. Of course, in life there would be the ironing out of details and getting her home while he starts his new path. Somehow I feel she wouldn’t make it easy for him.

      • You will see that this group of fictioneers can tend to be quite gruesome at times. Eventually you will come to realize why I feared a different turn. Welcome, again to the club…ahahahaha(laugh should be heard in the sinister voice of movies of old) 😉

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