Friday Fictioneers – Too Much Stuff

Friday Fictioneers.

Word count: 100

photo - Ted Strutz

photo – Ted Strutz

Too Much Stuff

Brenda could barely stand it.  Sure, it was kitschy and people always gawped when they first walked in; there was so much to absorb.  Trinkets, bottles small and large, big mirrors, little mirrors, knick knacks, crap everywhere.  And the stupid painting that made no sense.  She was on the verge and one day soon, Brenda was gonna lose it with the bar, the people, her boss, the stuff.

She envisioned whaling all those bottles to the floor, satisfaction coursing through her at the decimation.  And that picture, she would lift high to break across her leg, grinning, frenzied, maniacally satisfied.


21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Too Much Stuff

  1. I, too, found it necessary to use the word “kitschy”, and for that reason alone I liked it! You can picture a bored waitress/bartender replaying this fantasy over and over in her head during the slow times. But you sense it kind of Walter Mittyish, though. Do that, and she’s out of a job.

    • And, Steve B, I have enormous thanks to pass on. Maybe I’m a little sheltered in the ways of classic movies; I’d heard of Walter Mitty through the years but I didn’t know what it was about and more importantly, who was in it. Danny Kaye is my all time favorite actor and now I must see it! Thank you!

  2. I find it fascinating how themes pop up and play out differently with each prompt. Last week there were hair snipping incidents and bones, lots and lots of bones. This week’s recurring themes so far have been temper tantrums and reunions with long lost family members. The only thing you can count on here at FF are the murders, lots and lots of murders 🙂 The people in her bar are lucky — she could be planning far worse!

  3. Dear Britlight,
    I’ll admit I had to look up “gawp”. I wonder how the owners of the Icon Grill would feel if they knew how many writers trashed their bar this week. 😉
    I could feel the MC’s frustration. Perhaps she should consider finding another job. Somewhere less cluttered.

  4. Ha! Yes if you’re having a bad day this bar is just gonna make it worse. I love it when Brenda starts trashing the place! Interesting that my character for this story was Brenda too. I guess it’s just a Brenda kind of bar! 😀 I really enjoyed your story.

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