Friday Fictioneers – What Lay Hidden

photo - Sarah Ann Hall

photo – Sarah Ann Hall

Word count:  100

What Lay Hidden

I lost my ball.  Well, I didn’t lose it; I know exactly where it is.  It’s over there at the far end of the garden, the end Daddy doesn’t mow.  He says Doctor Beasley prefers us not to go near his railing, says things are there that would scare the hoobles out of us kids.  Well, no-one is around and I want my ball so I run to just where the weeds get really tall then I creep, watching all around.  I can reach it but before I do, it’s popped by something from my nightmares and taken for good.


12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – What Lay Hidden

  1. I like the fact you haven’t described it as anything but “something from my nightmares.” I wouldn’t go anywhere near that fence ever again if I was that kid!

  2. Your title fits really well with your story and I’m glad you went with “something from my nightmares”, which allows everyone to imagine his/her worst thing. That makes it scarier.


  3. ‘…popped by something from my nightmares…’ – great leaving us to imagine what it might be. I’m glad your little ball-player wasn’t popped as well.

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