Friday Fictioneers – The Key

photo courtesy - John Nixon

photo courtesy – John Nixon

The Key

Word Count:  103

Dwayne had forgotten to wind the key leaving Bill stuck with legs akimbo in front of what he presumed was a stunned audience.  He rolled his eyes; it wasn’t the first time the little pisher had messed up and Bill regretted not firing the kid back in Memphis.  He wagged his legs and heard a titter from the audience which prompted further frantic waving.  Within moments, Dwayne clumped to the piano whereupon he whispered, “sorry boss,” before turning the key.  Below, a panel opened, allowing Bill rolling access onto the stage.

Dwayne departed that day.  The little pisher took the key with him.


19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Key

  1. Good plot and characterisation. It has happened to all of us and thus rings true. I’d have left with the key too. In fact, done something similar more than once! Ann

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