Friday Fictioneers – Bravely Won

Photo Courtesy:  Managua Gunn

Photo Courtesy: Managua Gunn

Bravely Won

Word Count:  101

It was Marit’s first hour on duty and she was bored beyond belief.  When papa had told her that she was to join the Royal Guard, Marit had a vision of riding the white palace horse into lush grassland with banners aloft; roaring the Royal House name before charging into battle with her men.  But no, she’d spent the morning filling out paperwork, handed a uniform and ordered to stand guard at the sentry gate for eight hours.  Tourists stopped and stared; some goaded, most just took photographs.  Marit retreated.  For the next seven hours, she fought and won her battle.


24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Bravely Won

  1. Hahahaha! Ain’t it the truth? I remember when the movie Top Gun came out, Air Force enlistment went up, but it had guys mopping the floors asking themselves, “Man! Where are those F-16’s I was supposed to be flying?”

    Great story, well-told and simple! Just excellent!!!

  2. Dear Brit,

    I can’t imagine standing in one place like that for eight hours. I’m a bit relieved to hear from Björn that it’s “only” 2 hours. A nice take on the prompt. Well done.



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