Friday Fictioneers – Benji and Marge

Photo courtesy:  Indira by way of

Photo courtesy: Indira by way of Scott Vanatter

Benji and Marge

Word Count:  101

Benjamin didn’t care what the others thought; he loved Marge, had restored her to her original condition.  Now here he was, way ahead of them racing to a call.  Through the Devon countryside he urged his beloved fire engine forward and she responded with every nudge of the accelerator.  His CB radio crackled:

“Benji…got yer ears on, mate?”

Benjamin smirked, pressed the mic and replied, “ten-four.”

“Yeah Benji, what’s your twenty?”

“Cadover bridge.”

“Cadover…?  Benji, wait!”

“Nah, don’t think I will this time, mate.  You’ll be thanking ME for a change!”

He turned the corner toward the bridge that wasn’t there.


Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for her weekly challenge:  Friday Fictioneers

35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Benji and Marge

  1. What a great snapshot of what is obviously a much bigger story, whether you know it or not. Interesting character — poor Marge — this cannot end well for her.

  2. I love the characters. It reminds me of when I was a volunteer firefighter in rural New York and we’d have to navigate our way down a maze of country roads. And yes, sometimes bridges were out too.

  3. A fire engine – that was an interesting take. And the characters too. “ten-four” sounds very American to me, but what do I know about ham-radio-speak in rural Devon? And the bridge is out!

  4. Dear Brit,

    The dialogue brought back memories and made me laugh. Back in the days of CB’s popularity, my husband and I had them in our cars. Cutting edge then.

    Poor Benji. A little forethought might have saved him from going over the edge.



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