Friday Fictioneers: Thinking Wheel

Photo courtesy:  David Stewart

Photo courtesy: David Stewart

Thinking Wheel

Word count: 103

Barry hopped up and down, “It’s a Thinking Wheel!”

“It’s a whatnow?”  Richard squinted up at a couple perched deep in thought, and was about to add a jab until he saw that Barry had reached the top of the ladder.

What the…?  Who knew Baz was so friggin nimble?  Richard looked around, unsure whether to follow or loiter at the bottom.  Conformity prevailed and he climbed upward, grasping clumsily in Barry’s wake.

He clambered across the support rail and sat delicately on the lip next to his friend.

Alarmingly, Barry’s voice talked in his head, “Rich, dude, you gotta start working out.”


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