Friday Fictioneers: Incarnate

Photo courtesy:  Randy Mazie

Photo courtesy: Randy Mazie


Word count:  99

He comes here daily and sits in the same spot.  He’s heard that there’s a spirit in this graveyard and he is determined to use whatever woo-woo he knows to banish it. Does he believe that the spirit is a sheer form, roaming predictably around decaying headstones?   What an imbecile!  He pays me no mind; believes I’m someone’s pet goat let loose.  Ha!  I am neither beast nor spirit!  Look at my horns, see?   I was thwarted once but now I am taking shape in this material world.  Anyway, I have told you too much; you must be silenced.


14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Incarnate

    • Hmm…I’m not sure whether I should reply as the goat or as me. Goat: I do not love woo-woo and you must be silenced! Me: Thanks! I wanted to use that term in this piece somehow. 🙂

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