Daily Prompt – Opposite Day: A Piece of Poetry

From the Daily Prompt – Opposite Day.

What would the opposite be of the usual offerings here?  Most often, you will find flash fiction (a relatively new endeavor for me) or an entry regarding some kind of spiritual aspect/direction/query about life in general.

Mulling it over, it would be easy to share a photo.  But I don’t want to do that…I want a challenge today.  So I will attempt to knock up a piece of poetry.  Not my forte; I feel my poetry (much like my writing) is juvenile and often what I visualize in my head, translates very differently in writing.  So, here goes:


Like a thin veneer

Sheeting wide across the mind

Withholding tantalous words

And phrases, thoughts.

It’s all there, though squinted

beyond reach.

What will it take for the first sliver

to breathe through the sheet?

For the first magnificent expression

to slip through for me?

Then a burst, a torrent

And flood.

I shall bathe in the wordfall

And squirrel my pen

And write, write, write.

Oh, when?


Thank you, come again.


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