Daily Prompt: Opposite Day. The photos…

I thought, ya know what, I’m going to post some photos anyway as an extension of the Daily Prompt:  Opposite Day.   It’s rare to find a family pic on here.  Nor do I put up pics of the things that make me laugh.

Today I will make an exception.

Cat memes crack me up:



My kids.

She’ll be seven in September and he’ll be nine in a few weeks.  They are funny, loving, kind, bickering, fighting, pestering, adoring, hugging, cute, smart, forgiving, nurturing, caring, empathetic, lying, nose-picking, questioning, obeying, disobeying, fun-loving, spontaneous, adventurous, shy, polite, rude, loud, quiet, rambunctious, bored, enthusiastic and mine (and husband’s, of course).  We love them to bits.



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