Friday Fictioneers – Ulterior Motives

Photo Courtesy:  Renee Heath

Photo Courtesy: Renee Heath

Ulterior Motives

Word count:  98

Nelson cradled the hose, allowing water to trickle over the begonias.  He thumbed sweat from his forehead and felt gratitude swell in his heart for old Mr. Bidwell.  Without him, Nelson wouldn’t have this job, which he sorely needed; together with the pay from his nighttime shift at the seven-eleven, he could keep a roof over his and Coreen’s heads. Presently, Bidwell’s granddaughter appeared, casually resolute.  She was accompanied by Todd, her simp of a boyfriend.  Day after day Nelson ignored her temptations, fully aware that if the pair succeeded, he and the Old Man would be finished.


17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Ulterior Motives

  1. Dear Britlight,

    It seems that the granddaughter and her boyfriend have some unsavory motives. You have the beginnings of an intriguing story, however, I was a little confused by “casually resolute” and “her temptations.”



    • I imagined the Granddaughter and Todd entering the street casually but with a clear intention, ergo ‘casually resolute.’ Their goal is to ensnare Nelson into a tryst scenario whereby perhaps Todd snaps a picture of his girlfriend suddenly feigning fright in the arms of an amorous Nelson. The picture would be used in evidence against him and further, against old Mr. Bidwell (who hired Nelson). The resulting furor would be the firing of Nelson and the stepping down of Mr. Bidwell so that scheming Granddaughter could take over the company. *phew!*

  2. Dear Britlight,

    Your story had me going until the mystery of the last line, which, possibly because I am a dolt, left me wondering what was going on. On a technical note, Seven-Eleven should be capitalized. I’ll continue to read comments in the hopes of learning more.



  3. i enjoyed reading this. Feel there is sometihng sinister in the air…
    Hope Nelson and Mr Bidwell manage to outsmart the crafty granddaughter and her boyfriend

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