Friday Fictioneers: One True Love

Photo courtesy:  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo courtesy: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

One True Love

Word Count:  102

After my husband died, our son made the wall shelves to hang in the hallway.  My daughter in law, all fancy and dust-running polished fingertips, calls it a curio. Ralphie was Jewish, I was not; our relationship thrived nonetheless.  My son, misunderstanding, puckers at my keepsakes, memories of trips and days spent.  He’s just like his father – infantile, aggressive, and perhaps he thinks his mother is going senile with her confusing scraps on display.  Ralphie would have loved it though.

“Pet,” he’d say, “it’s lovely and I love you.”  Then he’d kiss and squeeze me hard before returning to next door.


15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: One True Love

  1. You create so much world with so few words! And you deftly drop a bomb with the last two. Next door? Next door?!! Must have something to do with Ralphie being aggressive and infantile.

  2. I Have to say I enjoyed this. I was a little confused at the end but after reading your comment I understood. Perhaps if you gave the father a name it would have been easier to understand. This week I did the the opposite of you. I Made it all to clear who was who….A fine piece of writing and the characters were real. Good stuff.


  3. I was a bit confused until I read ‘affair’ among the tags you had given the story, I re-read and got that Ralphie was her lover. I love your description of the daugher-in-law – I know someone just like that!

    • Thank you. Sometimes I question my own version of translation (from the mind out onto the keyboard) but if it makes me smile broadly when I’m done, then I know I’m ok with it even if nobody else understands. I’m very happy that you cottoned on. 🙂

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