Friday Fictioneers – Doorway from Hell

Photo courtesy:  Rich Voza

Photo courtesy: Rich Voza

Doorway from Hell

Word count:  101

The set was ready.  The doors were pegged behind to make them appear freestanding.  The girls, languishing by the crew mess table, were dressed in the usual naughty maid outfits, and Mr. Hill was in his trailer getting his face made up.  And, running a hand up a staffer’s leg no doubt.

Terry flicked his cigarette in a high arc to the right and leaned in to check the camera focus.  Astonishingly, the red door opened and from it a gruesome creature emerged, with more behind reaching fiendishly forward.

Instinctively, he pressed Start and captured everyone’s (his own included) grisly end.


15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Doorway from Hell

  1. Reading through the various responses, this week, it’s interesting how several people saw movie set, several went sci-fi and several of us went death/life choices… such a provocative photo, but clearly took us all in fairly clear directions. Your ending however, quite unexpected and chilling! Nice.

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