Friday Fictioneers: St. Elsewhere


Photo courtesy: A. Forbes

St. Elsewhere

Word count:  99

“God, but she’s angry-looking.” Jennifer resumed running her finger around the street map.

“How do you know it’s a she?” Ben asked, squinting at the head.

“Well, she’s got…feminine features, I think.” Jennifer eyed another monument and moved away.

“I suppose.  Kinda looks like a boy to me.” Ben replied.  He was bored now; Jen was walking so slowly through the town.  He didn’t get architecture or history, and really just wanted to find a bar and have lunch. He hung his head, and followed with hands in pockets. One day, Ben thought, they would vacation where he wanted.


34 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: St. Elsewhere

  1. Travel with children – to quote that legendary American Forrest Gump – “Ya never no what you goina get.” Loved it!
    PS- Thanks for liking mine this week!

  2. Seamlessly written and beautifully told. Took me along the street with them, and I could almost imagine the New England towns of my youth… I’m not so sure they’re doomed. Somehow, opposites do attract, and often last. So much fun to write these, but so much more fun to read all of the different takes on a single photo! Nice work!

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