Friday Fictioneers – No Good Friend

Photo courtesy - Ted Strutz

Photo courtesy – Ted Strutz

No Good Friend

Word count:  99

Simon and Phil raced onto the ferry, laughing obnoxiously and sat down opposite one other, windblown and red-cheeked.

“Gis a fag.” Simon ordered with a thrust of his chin.

Phil eyed the people around them. “It’s no smoking, Si.”

“So? I don’t care. Gis a fag.” His voice was steel.

Phil tugged the square black box from his anorak pocket, flipped the lid and pushed a cigarette out toward his companion who, after lighting, took a deep drag before blowing smoke in his face.

Simon flicked ash on the floor, sneering, daring Phil to say anything. Anything at all.


27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – No Good Friend

  1. I think this reflects the dynamics of far too many young friendships. It would be great to read an entire story based on these characters. I’d like to see their development and growth.

  2. Love what you’ve done here Brit! I would want to put the cigarette out on Simon’s leg. Or, maybe his shoe. Either way, this reminded me of those unbalanced friendships of youth…. and made me glad I’m no longer young. 😉 Nice!

    • I’m not sure if Phil will continue trying to fit in with the wrong crowd or break away from the pack. Whatever his course, I think eventually he’ll be just fine. 😉

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