Friday Fictioneers – The Other Five Percent


Photo courtesy – Randy Mazie

The Other Five Percent

Word count:  100

They did it themselves, the kids. Billy was the oldest, at ten, so he balanced the lightest, Rufus, on his shoulders while Max and Sadie steadied them. But Rufus was young and it was all very confusing so the word was spelled wrong. It didn’t really matter; no-one came around here anyway so they knew they were ninety-five percent safe.  

“Why ninety-five?” Max asked.

Sadie cocked her head to the side and placed an insouciant finger on her young, ruby lips.

“Because Maxie darling, there’s always the possibility.”

Across the street, camouflaged by bushes, a man with a knife waited.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Other Five Percent

  1. It was all going so well… I like the innocence of your story although I don’t think the man needs a knife. The fact they’ve been caught is enough for me. Good character piece.

  2. I don’t suppose you’ve modelled your setting on Dogpatch, Arkansas and your kids are interfering with the Skonk Works? Well, I’ve entertained myself believing this and that’s enough to award you 10:10 for this tale! 🙂

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