Friday Fictioneers – Get a Leg Over

Photo courtesy - Adam Ickes

Photo courtesy – Adam Ickes

Get a Leg Over

Word count:  100

“I beg your pardon?”

Adam loved when she asked in that wide-eyed, questioning way; she sounded like Mary Poppins.

“Knocking boots. You’ve never heard of it?”

Briony considered the phrase. “Mm, no, I don’t believe so.  What does it mean exactly?

He grinned and pulled her to him, timing it perfectly with their arrival at the end of the pier.

“It means, my little English flower, that I want to… y’know…” he bobbed his head hoping she’d understand the meaning without his expressing the words.

Ironically, Adam’s boots stayed put as he was pushed swiftly into the icy water below.


47 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Get a Leg Over

  1. Clever, sharp dialogue, and an unexpected finish. There was some real heat here, some sexy flirtation. Clearly she was not in the same mood. Nicely executed, Brit. I did two this week; these boots have some intrigue! 😉

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