Friday Fictioneers – The Parting Gift

Photo courtesy - Jean L. Hayes

Photo courtesy – Jean L. Hays

The Parting Gift

Word count:  97

Oh my god, if she hangs this here again, I’m gonna kill her.  Trevor hmphed at the irony, and yanked the ornament from the door frame. Why did she have to keep reminding him? What on earth was the goddamn point? Again, he threw the damn thing in the trash.

At the end of the garden, in the shed guarded by construction cones lay the frozen body of his wife, Judy, broken and stuffed in the couples’ chest freezer. The Dolphin Circle had been a gift from her lover, who lay beneath her in much smaller parts.


31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Parting Gift

  1. Oooh, macabre. I like it. It’s interesting to me that you took a “relationship goes south” take on this prompt, because so did I! Must be something about that photo. Nicely done.

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