Friday Fictioneers: Cast Away

Photo courtesy:  Dawn Q. Landau

Photo courtesy: Dawn Q. Landau

Cast Away

Word count:  102

Nedra had taken the day off work and driven two hours to their favorite beach. She pulled into a spot not far from Jake and stood to scan the shore; he was sitting on his towel, wearing shorts and a shirt. Faint concern for his lack of swimwear was hushed by the thrill, and Nedra reached in to her bikini top to plump her breasts.

She removed her wedding ring upon approach, sucked in her stomach and squared her shoulders.

“…I got this…” Nedra overheard his phone conversation.

“…I’m done with this old bitch, man. I’m ready for some young meat. ”


14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Cast Away

  1. Your story has drummed up a mix of reactions, from shock at her infidelity to disgust with him cavalier attitude. I’m just glad she was given the chance to dump him before he dumped her.

  2. Ouch! At least now she’s overheard the conversation she has the upper hand and can possibly dump him first. Nasty man. Of course, she is married (a loveless marriage perhaps? I don’t know why I’m automatically sympathising with her).
    Very apt title.

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