Friday Fictioneers: Going Out

Photo courtesy - Erin Leary

Photo courtesy – Erin Leary

Going Out

Word count:  99

It had rained hard and in all directions for days. Residents had been locked in so it was no surprise that on the fifth day, when the sun strained a glowing light over the hamlet, the people hesitated from their houses.

Emily, young, cabin-fevered, ripped aside the curtains and gasped a wide happy intake of air. She shoved her arms into the duffle coat, teased her feet into the wellies and flung open the front door.

Her mother gazed fondly; Emily kicked her way across the river-road, climbed the fence and spent quite some time galoshing in the fields.


15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Going Out

  1. Simple pleasures! I loved “sun strained a glowing light” – it really gives the impression of the sun desperately trying to pierce the cloud cover and finally just about managing it, just as in the photo.

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