Friday Fictioneers: The Light Treatment

Photo courtesy - Dawn Miller

Photo courtesy – Dawn Miller

The Light Treatment

Word count:  98

Linda brought every single lamp out calmly, and set them down carefully. They were Roger’s lamps; part of his “household” collection. They had gathered dust along with a variety of stools, hat stands and cat ornaments. Roger was away this weekend, at some antique show so Linda took the opportunity to do some purging.

Composed, she picked up the first and bounced it around in her hands, felt the weight of it before raising it high above her head and smashing it to the concrete. She awarded each piece the same treatment; a fitting retaliation for Roger’s infidelity.


19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Light Treatment

  1. I hope she left the pieces for Roger to see and to tidy up when he got home! Excellent tale of an anger that has simmered for a while, i loved the line “Roger was away this weekend”, we can guess with whom…

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