Friday Fictioneers – Elite Art


Elite Art

Word count:  100

Peter watched “Patty and Selma” maraud their way through the gallery. He loathed these fat, loud types who gained entry on a coupon; it ruined the experience for the wealthier patrons. Mr. Tewkesbury glared at him from beside the guest of honor, and Peter felt pleasure seep from his chest in anticipation of the inevitable scene.

“…I dunno what it’s about Steph.  All I know is I need more alcohol to care!  Bottoms up!”

The women’s cackles were a terrible contradiction to the formality of the occasion.

Peter cleared his throat, “You are ugly and loathsome, and you don’t belong.”




9 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Elite Art

  1. Hooray for speaking up! I can never do it, but sometimes I wish my mouth was a fast draw…like a smokin’ gun before the other gal pulls her gun out of its holster. ha, ha. Good one!

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