Friday Fictioneers – A Royal Past

Photo courtesy - Sandra Crook

Photo courtesy – Sandra Crook

A Royal Past

Word count:  100

The Duchess got out of bed against doctor’s orders. With knobbled fingers, she gripped around the room until she got to the window. There, she watched the village below; modern cars, modern women, and if she craned her neck she could see the farm boundary.

She nodded slightly, and a slow smile creased her aged eyes; the Duchess had known many a farmhand in the barns as a young woman. That recklessness had earned her a lifetime of solitude by the Queen, and though she may have been denied her passions, memories of every encounter lived on in her heart.


13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – A Royal Past

  1. Oh,what a wicked Queen-wonder if the Duchess had had a past which included slinking away and meeting those farmhands again,without the Queen getting any wiser ;-)Well written:-)

  2. Jealous Queen! The Duchess seems a strong woman though- all her years of having to stay away still haven’t managed to bereave her of her pleasant memories, of the good times she had spent in various “interludes”! 😀

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