Friday Fictioneers – Lesson in Life

Photo courtesy - Danny Bowman

Photo courtesy – Danny Bowman

Lesson in Life

Word count:  98

“Seriously? You’re taking a picture of a mountain?”

Ryan sighed. Why this loser?

“Reach beyond your limits,” the Professor had said. “See beyond the box,” he’d said.

“…and pair up.”

Ryan, the new guy, was left agog at the speed with which the other photography students found their partners. Once the dust had settled, he came face to face with Duncan. The class collectively snickered.

Now he knew why.

“It’s life!” Duncan’s teeth protruded. “See? A boring façade that foregrounds the exquisite!”

Ryan eyerolled, and wondered if Duncan would look less boring with that camera up his ass.



16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Lesson in Life

  1. Ryan is just such a great character in this – I can really see him. I hope that perhaps Duncan might also have hidden depths…like the mountain. Great story.

  2. I’ve always loved that threat — I think a real comic genius would find a way to follow through with it — actually, I think they did something like it in the terrible movie Hancock with Will Smith.

  3. I think my ex and I had this argument a few times. He never could see through my lense. I loved these characters and that reminiscent feeling of high school pairings.

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