Friday Fictioneers – The Wrong Walk

Photo courtesy - Adam Ickes

Photo courtesy – Adam Ickes

The Wrong Walk

Word count:  99

It’s gone too far, she thought.

Melissa shielded her eyes from the sun, and squished Joe between thumb and forefinger as he stood at their altar in the distance.

“Melly honey, are you alright?”

She sniffed the warm air, sighed, and adjusted the dress, again.

“I dunno.”

The violin wafted around them, and danced away again. Joe must be wondering.



“Would you be disappointed if I called the whole thing off?”

“No… but you’d have some explaining to do.” He nodded toward Joe.

Revealing her love for another would be the toughest conversation of Melissa’s young life.



33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Wrong Walk

  1. That’s going to be a tough one but better done than not. I love this, ” squished Joe between thumb and forefinger as he stood at their altar in the distance”, having done that sort of distance measuring before, although possibly not with squishing in mind.


  2. Brave decision. I love that line that Janet pointed out, too. But because you’ve just talked about Joe, and although he’s a long way off I thought the first person to speak was Joe. Just a thought.

  3. Good story. Better to call it off before the question was asked of someone to speak up if they saw any reason why the couple should not be united. That would be even more embarrassing. Good dialogue.

  4. Good to see “him” being left at the altar for a change 😉 Yes,she better tell him and hope for the best (Hopefully Joe will accept and not be hiding two or more bodies somewhere,lol)Good one 😀

  5. Gorgeous, Brit… gorgeous! This is such a well written story; you had me totally lost in the words. That’s such a delicious place to be! Like others, I particularly loved the squishing between fingers… like squinting to see something different. GREAT job!

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