Friday Fictioneers – Diva

Photo courtesy - Kent Bonham

Photo courtesy – Kent Bonham


Word count:  100

Gillian swept onstage in a silky robe. Stan, who was playing her husband, bit his cheek. Shit, she really did it; she wore the red instead of the blue.

He positioned himself to greet her, however she sailed by to stand downstage center, to hog the limelight, and to begin her monologue which wasn’t due for another five pages.

Stan crept offstage into a silent melee.

“What is she doing??” The Director whispered with eyes as round as the moon.

Stan shrugged, “that’s what you get for casting Gillian Wainwright.” With sarcasm he air-quoted, “beloved actress makes her comeback.”


28 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Diva

  1. Yes, there is such a crittur as a ‘diva’. You characterise this type well. It’s the sort of stunt they pull! Divas aren’t just in the arts, of course and they aren’t all women. 🙂

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