Friday Fictioneers: Love

Photo courtesy:  Bjorn Rudberg

Photo courtesy: Bjorn Rudberg



Word count:  97

It has been too long since she and I have been somewhere warm without the children. The curves of her body underneath a filmy red dress, so well acquainted, provoke desire which has never faded throughout the years. She is feeling heady, and amorous. I watch her, watching the musicians. She slides me a knowing look upon hearing the familiar strains of Chan-Chan.

She rises, and I with her. Finding room to embrace, and sway in time to the melody, we share love and passion without word or deed. I am the luckiest man in the world.


37 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Love

  1. This made my heart melt! It’s always wonderful when romance and sensuality can survive the tolls from years and an expanding family. It’s also even more heartwarming that it’s from the husband’s POV because, well men aren’t always the best at describing their feelings. 🙂 Beautiful story!

  2. Dear Britlight, This is so absolutely romantic, a man who still lusts after his wife is incredibly sexy! I think this is the best love affair in the world and, I am so lucky too! Good story! Nan 🙂

  3. I never danced with the woman I love but if I did, my soul would sing like this man’s does. Beautiful illustration. “…a filmy red dress…” – awesome! I’m right there with him. 🙂 …Hopefully she still knows.

    • The last time I slow-danced with my husband was at our wedding over ten years ago. But I know that if we ever get the opportunity, it would feel like this. Except for the filmy, red dress; not quite there yet! 😉

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