Friday Fictioneers: The Curveball Life


Photo courtesy: B. W. Beacham


The Curveball Life

Word count:  100

Stephanie dug her toes into the wet sand, and took a good sniff of river air. Not too unpleasant, in spite of the debris on this side. She stared at the yacht masts in the distance; tinder sticks that ought to snap with one gust of wind. They wouldn’t of course; affluence continued for the marina crowd.

But, y’know Steph, she thought, you’re rich in other ways. Despite the misfortune, you have your family and a roof over your head.

She sighed, agreeing with herself, and wished not for the old, but for the promise of a less worrying future.


29 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Curveball Life

  1. Deep contemplation behind this! It’s amazing how when we take a step back, we see how fortunate we truly are. However, I completely agree that one of the greatest riches would to not have so many worries and anxieties about the future. Very reflective and beautifully written!

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  3. Nice story about someone who appreciates the smaller things in life. She needs to understand that even wealthy people have troubles and some might even want to change places with her. Well written. 🙂


  4. We lost our home two weeks ago, now. Fully understand the sentiment in the line that at least we are alive! Material things can be replaced. Great write, keep it up! 🙂

  5. Very nicely written. I can feel the sand, smell the air, hear the sigh.
    The story opens up the possibilities that Steph has always lived across the water from that affluence and spent a live wondering about the “other”; or maybe she was once part of that world but the “misfortune” meant a life change. Either way, i am glad she has found her contentment and has hope for the future

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