Friday Fictioneers: One of a Kind


One of a Kind

Word count:  101

“That was close!” Beryl grinned at Maisie, who was running alongside.

“Indeed. I ought to turn around and give that driver a piece of my mind.” Maisie loathed the weekly circuit; so undignified, so vulgar. However, to express such distaste would mean certain shunning.

“C’mon Maisie! Go faster! Burn off them calories!”

Maisie paused.

“Y’know, I’m very cross…with the man in that car, Beryl.  I’m going to have a word with him.”

Beryl shrugged and plowed onward.

Maisie buffeted the flow, feigning angry justifications until everyone had passed. Then she ambled back to the field where she could nibble in peace.



13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: One of a Kind

  1. Great story! I remember running through the countryside outside my college town and wondering about the cows watching me run by!



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