In Here

In Here, sitting with indifference that sits in itself with heartache, I care little about interaction; social nuances.  In Here, my lips pull down, my face a reflection of the sadness that wells in my heart. I am wrapped in my own wings, shuddering, comforted by their softness. They feel as if to say, “It’s ok, little one, take the loss, absorb it, let it swirl around inside of you until you feel its passing. Care nothing for anything except those that you can see and touch and talk to.  Everything else is unnecessary.” So I curl up inside, buffeted by grief that slammed into me unannounced. It came from a direction I would never have thought possible, and by means I cannot comprehend. From a point along my journey so long ago that reaches every day into the life I live.

In Here, it’s just sorrow.



4 thoughts on “In Here

  1. This resonates with me as I learned yesterday that my mother has a rare high risk cancer. So important for us to be aware of our disconnection with the world around us as part of our struggle … And give ourselves empathy as we feel what is there in our inner layers of being. Let it swirl around us until we feel its passing! Love this.
    Val x

    • Val, I’m so sorry to hear of your mum. I wish you and your family strength and light for the road ahead. There are times when things heal better and in their own time if you just let them. I can’t be doing with anybody but my little family and the few connections here for the the time being. ❤

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