Shall We Dance?

Like the cunning wolf, Ego hangs out behind the treeline calling all the shots; handling us like puppets. We wonder why we think and say and do the things that we do.

This warrior has been resting on her laurels a fair bit lately, allowing the Soul and Ego fine chances to duke it out but this morning I ripped up their unspoken contract into tiny pieces and decided to begin aga4367987_origin.

And that’s the wonderful thing; there are no wrong turns or endings; the choice is ours to come and go into and out of the soul. If a warrior has done any prior work, they simply pick up where they left off. There’s no feeling of drudgery or having a blank page to fill up once more, because the journey was already started.

There’s an anticipation in returning to this phase; feels akin to awakening from hibernation. I look forward to present moments, allowing thoughts without interaction, and quality time on the cushion.

Accepting the wolf and the shadows within is a back and forth dance. And I seem to dance fairly well.




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