Friday Fictioneers – Imagine


Photo courtesy – Jennifer Pendergast


Word count:  101

Erica slung the beanbag over her back and declared that she was going to be a hobo and live on a train. It didn’t matter that the beanbag was as big as her, or that it was missing the stick, or that it really wasn’t a sack at all. However, it was purple with white spots and that was enough of a spark.

I stopped washing dishes and looked at her. All she needed was a pair of baggy trousers with old suspenders and a cloth cap, and I laughed; she had a vivid imagination.

Perhaps she’ll be a writer, too.


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Imagine

  1. Lovely! The portrait of the child reminded me so much of the silly charming things my children used to do – packing and going somewhere (and without those pesky grown-ups) does conjure up childhood magic.
    Well done!

    • Thank you. This week’s photo was quite timely; my daughter, Erica, is the girl in the story and this scene played out the other evening.
      Thank you for reading!

  2. Really good story. I remember my sister packing her doll suitcase with clothes for the doll, and telling Mother she was leaving. Well – needless to say, she didn’t. We still laugh about the doll suitcase. Nan

  3. This is a lovely story and reminded me of the time I left home. I was four and my mum had just come home from the hospital with a baby sister, who screamed and cried and was the centre of attention for visitors and family alike. I didn’t get far. Thanks for rekindling the memory.

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