Friday Fictioneers – Car Love


Photo courtesy: Kent Bonham

Car Love

Word count:  100

“It’s just a taxi, Todd.”

“Yeah but Em, it’s a Volkswagen! In Israel!”

Emily rolled her eyes, wishing she’d not worn the hoodie; it had been cooler at dawn but now she was sweltering. And irritated. Todd’s fixation with cars was sufferable back home but on holiday, she thought he should adjust his priorities.

“Todd!” She stamped her foot. “We’re not at home y’know. Stop fawning over your silly cars!”

Finally, he looked at his girlfriend. “I love cars, Em. Elegant or ugly, they’re amazing machines.”

With that, he saluted her, climbed in the taxi, and left her standing alone.



19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Car Love

  1. Well, that’s that. Who would wear a hoodie in Israel? She would, who else? Maybe that’s why he left her. Bad sense of fashion. 😀 Well-done story, Lisa. I liked the way it built toward the conclusion.

  2. Dear Brit,

    Welcome back to the FF Fold. The reason I chose the pic was the irony of a VW in Israel. 😉 It’s hard to say where my sympathies lie in your story. It’s a good one.



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