Friday Fictioneers: What Childish Notion


Photo courtesy – Jill Wisoff


What Childish Notion

Word Count:  100



She held Nathan’s hand tightly through the swarm of other pedestrians.


“Why is there a monster over there?”

“What?  Where?”  She replied without looking.

Exasperated with human traffic, she jerked her son a little too hard.  Nathan wailed, and passersby bestowed judgmental glares.

Screw this city, and screw Daniel; damn worthless ex-husband with shitty timekeeping.

She pulled Nathan toward her and looked down upon his tearful eyes.

“Momma!  The monster!” He pointed behind.

“Nathan, the only monster here is the one you’re…”

Her words were cut short as the Empire State Building broke free from the ground.



25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: What Childish Notion

    • I didn’t either. But having read Rochelle’s original post and some others, I gathered that was the location. The monster is cross-eyed though; not sure how far he’ll get.

  1. Cleverly written. I like the way you interweave the personal crisis and the crisis for the populace in general. The realism of your personal story, with its concerns about Daniel’s shitty timekeeping, gives credibility to the horror element when the building uproots. And you link the two themes neatly through little Nathan.

  2. Part of me liked the fact that Nathan was saved from hearing something derogatory about his father. Even though dad’s time-keeping is rubbish, at least he was coming. You really captured the mother’s tension.

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