Friday Fictioneers: Venetian Vixen

Fatima Faker Deria

Photo courtesy:  Fatima Fakier Deria

Venetian Vixen

Word count:  100


Sylvia cupped her chin in her hands and watched Louis.  Her elbows rested on the window sill while her bottom smooshed against the end kitchen cabinet.  It was a small kitchen in a small apartment.

Louis would visit this evening after he had finished unloading the barge, and his clothes would smell of fruit and vegetables.  She would help him remove his shirt then press her mouth to his warm, damp skin.  He would taste divine.

Across the street, Martha watched from her window.  She was not interested in her husband; only in the woman who had stolen his affection.

Dream of a lover

I had been speaking unkindly of you to a stranger on the couch beside me. It was a party atmosphere and when I turned to my right, you were sitting next to me. You kissed me, open-mouthed, and spoke not in sound but through the spiritual tether that still binds us. You were angry, and told me how my words hurt you and that meant by extension, that you were still in love with me. That you had never stopped loving me. That you would always feel awfully about hurting me. That you understood I had bad feelings toward you, but you hoped that in time I would soften.

Between our mouths, soul food passed; it felt gritty on my teeth and rolled around like pop rocks. Hard to digest. Difficult to swallow. I surrendered and grasped the flesh on your back with my hand spread, fingers digging into your skin. Passion, raw, unrelenting, surged through me like it used to do when we were together.  Then you were gone.

Emotion subsided and my dream lurched into one about four aliens in human and animal form lurking at an office picnic. They were searching for something; not really wanting to harm anyone but when cornered in the office building that was emptied of employees enjoying the celebration outside, they reduced their inquisitors to dust with a swish of their hands. I don’t know what they were searching for but they were chased to the grounds outside where they too, surrendered.

Friday Fictioneers – The Pleasure Portal


Photo courtesy – Janet Webb

The Pleasure Portal

Word count:  100


It’s mediocre she thought, trailing a varnished red-tipped finger around the edge of ingress. She took a disinterested peek into the rest of the room; saw a shallow tub, a plain wash basin and other things typical of the dimension.

But the walls are bare, and who could surrender under such bright light? Where are the candles; the sumptuous colors? So restrained, so…human.

She turned to survey her own world. She was naked. Steam undulated around her as she walked. Others like her engaged in deeply sexual acts within enormous claw-foot baths.

She smiled; yes, this side was much better.


Friday Fictioneers: Love

Photo courtesy:  Bjorn Rudberg

Photo courtesy: Bjorn Rudberg



Word count:  97

It has been too long since she and I have been somewhere warm without the children. The curves of her body underneath a filmy red dress, so well acquainted, provoke desire which has never faded throughout the years. She is feeling heady, and amorous. I watch her, watching the musicians. She slides me a knowing look upon hearing the familiar strains of Chan-Chan.

She rises, and I with her. Finding room to embrace, and sway in time to the melody, we share love and passion without word or deed. I am the luckiest man in the world.

Friday Fictioneers – A Royal Past

Photo courtesy - Sandra Crook

Photo courtesy – Sandra Crook

A Royal Past

Word count:  100

The Duchess got out of bed against doctor’s orders. With knobbled fingers, she gripped around the room until she got to the window. There, she watched the village below; modern cars, modern women, and if she craned her neck she could see the farm boundary.

She nodded slightly, and a slow smile creased her aged eyes; the Duchess had known many a farmhand in the barns as a young woman. That recklessness had earned her a lifetime of solitude by the Queen, and though she may have been denied her passions, memories of every encounter lived on in her heart.

Friday Fictioneers: Cast Away

Photo courtesy:  Dawn Q. Landau

Photo courtesy: Dawn Q. Landau

Cast Away

Word count:  102

Nedra had taken the day off work and driven two hours to their favorite beach. She pulled into a spot not far from Jake and stood to scan the shore; he was sitting on his towel, wearing shorts and a shirt. Faint concern for his lack of swimwear was hushed by the thrill, and Nedra reached in to her bikini top to plump her breasts.

She removed her wedding ring upon approach, sucked in her stomach and squared her shoulders.

“…I got this…” Nedra overheard his phone conversation.

“…I’m done with this old bitch, man. I’m ready for some young meat. ”